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General Information

The School is justly proud of its airy, spacious and well - furnished hostels, fitted with all the modern amenities meant for III to XII class students. The boarders are housed in four-seater rooms. Each hostel is under the strict supervision of a caring and responsible warden, who keeps in close communication with the parents of boarders vis-a-vis the Principal. The hostels are properly protected with adequate security arrangements to promptly deal with any eventuality.

The wardens ensure that the students set their beds properly, keep their rooms, cupboards and the surroundings neat and clean and attend classes regularly. Periodical hostel meetings are held for offering immediate solutions to the problems faced by the boarders.

Each hostel is provided with T.V. sets so that the boarders can listen to the evening news and watch selected informative programmes. Only approved video films, both classical and educational, are shown at regular intervals. Moreover, the boarders have to follow a fixed schedule for supervised-studies. The Hostel Common Room has facilities for the effective conduct of the modern indoor games. STD and Postal facilities are also provided on the School campus for the students and the staff as well

Hostel Uniform (Summer)

  • T-Shirts
  • Track-Pants

Sports Uniform (Winter)

  • Navy Blue Track Suit

Sports Uniform (Summer)

  • House T-Shirt
  • House Shorts for boys and House Track-Pants for girls
  • House T-Shirt

Hostel Facilities

Solar Water Heater

The School enjoys the unique facility of the Solar Water Heater installed on the top floor of the building to provide hot water to the boarders during the winter season.


The School has its own fleet of new vehicles for bringing provisions for the hostels. The vehicles are also used in case of any emergency. We have adequate luxurious School vans too, for the to-and-fro transportation of students from the neighburing areas.

Cobbler, Barber & Washer Man

The services of a cobbler, barber and washer men are available on the campus to meet the immediate needs of the boarders without any loss of time.


The School has a permanent arrangement for stitching boarder's uniforms at concessional rates. Still, the parents are free to get them stitched from wherever they wish. Regular free of cost services of a tailor to mend clothes are also available to the boarders.

Dining Hall

The school has four spacious well furnished Dining Halls with ultra modern facilities and highly mechanised kitchens to facilitate quick service and to provide fresh and standard nutritious food to the boarders. Proper table manners, quality of food, cleanliness and hygiene are strictly maintained. Non-vegetarian food is entirely prohibited on the School premises. The hostel wardens take meals along with the with boarders, displaying a sense of community feeling and perfect parity with them.


The school is proud of its modern sophisticated automatic bakery. The kneading, grinding, slicing, moulding, churning and baking machines perform all the necessary operations to ensure quality hygienic preparations and promptness.

Table Tennis Hall

Separate Spacious hall with more than a dozen table tennis tables is provided to the students. These are separate halls for both girls and boys. So as they can enjoy this indoor game at its best. Boys, Girls and Kids for keeping them physically fit and trim, thus reinforcing the maxim: A sound mind resides in a healthy body.


A full time qualified Resident Doctor is available to look after the timely medical care of the boarders.A full-fledged, well equipped infirmary is maintained under the strict supervision of the said doctor, and a set of qualified nurses and attendants to assist him. They deal with all the cases of minor ailments and injuries, and the cases of a more serious nature are promptly referred to reputed local nursing homes for a specialized treatment. The entire medical expenditure thus incurred is realized from the parents. Periodical medical check-up of the students is carried out and its record is systematically maintained. Prominent doctors of the town are periodically invited to deliver lectures on health and hygiene for the general awareness and benefit of the students and the staff.

Solar Panels

Solar panel is a device that converts Solar energy into more readily usable forms, like for heating of water or converts this light into electricity. We have excellent facility of solar panels in school with the help of which students can get Warm water during winters. Our Renewable Energy and Solar Energy Resources facts and information services extend to the following: Renewable Energy / Solar Energy Resources and Equipment, Including: Solar Cells / Photovoltaic Panels, Solar Driven Absorption Cooling Machine, Solar Heating Products, Solar Water Heaters for Bath and swimming pool.


Separate spacious gymnasium facilities are provided to Boys, girls and kids for keeping them physically fit and trim, thus reinforcing the message of the maxim: A sound mind resides in a healthy body.

School Bank

We have School Bank where the students can safely deposit their money and make necessary withdrawals as and when desired. By doing so, they get practical training in banking operations. Keeping an account in the bank is compulsory for the boarders to ensure safety of money.

Common Rooms

We have common rooms available for both staff and students. Both are equipped with a microwave oven, a small refrigerator and a kitchen sink. They are a good spot for a packed lunch or simply socialising. The postgraduate room also has a TV set. Here students and staff can relax and work in less formal surroundings during free periods and breaks.


Dormitory or dorm is a place to sleep. Dormitories are usually referred to as "dorms." "Dormitory" is a large room with many single beds. Such rooms can contain anywhere from two to hundreds of beds. Dormitory have about 15 by 15 ft (21 square meters) of floor space, and provide the following minimal furnishings: Twin bed (sometimes in a bunk-bed configuration)

  • Desk
  • Mirror
  • Closet space (sometimes)
  • Drawers (clothes storage) (sometimes)
  • Window
  • Sink with running water (rarely)

Bathrooms are provided for a group of rooms, which provide shower, toilet, and sink facilities. Dormitories are much closer to campus than comparable private housing such as apartment buildings. This convenience is a major factor in the choice of where to live since living physically closer to classrooms means being able to sleep later and still arrive to class on time. We also provide a 24-hour security service to ensure that residents enjoy living in a safe and secure environment. A full team of management staff is also stationed on site to attend to resident's needs. The rooms, all singles, measured 9 l/2 feet by 5 l/2 feet (!) and were constantly under the watchful eyes of resident faculty and staff.


A basketball court has symmetry; one half of the court is a mirror image of the other. The entire court is 94 feet by 50 feet. On each half-court, painted lines show the free throw lane and circle, as well as the three-point arc, whose distance from the basket varies based on the level of hoops being played.

Hostel Rules

  • All the boarders are to strictly abide by the rules and regulations enacted from time to time by the School Authorities for the maintenance of strict discipline.
  • No boarder shall keep more than Rs.50/- in cash with him/her. He/She will have to deposit all his/her money in the School Bank and can withdraw the desired amount to meet any emergency.
  • No boarder is permitted to buy, sell or exchange any article. None is permitted to borrow or lend money in any case.
  • Boarders shall not keep with them transistors, radio, cameras, mobile or any other costly article in the hostel. Retention of any such item is a punishable act.
  • No clothes other than prescribed ones, are allowed to be retained.
  • All belongings of the boarders, including clothes should be clearly marked with the prescribed marking indelible ink for the purpose of identification.
  • Though every care is taken that no item /article of the boarders gets misplaced/lost, yet the onus lies solely upon the boarders themselves.
  • No boarder can leave the Hostel premises without seeking the prior written permission of the Hostel Superintendent or the Principal.
  • Though no efforts are spared to check the boarders from playing truant, yet the School and the Hostel Authorities cannot be held liable for any such act of truancy.
  • The School and Hostel Authorities do not take any responsibility, legal or financial, for any injury caused to a boarder in any accidental mishap.
  • Parents/Guardians are advised not to see their children too often as it can disturb them emotionally. They should not go and relax in the rooms with their children.
  • Periodic reports of the student's progress are regularly sent to the parents. Parents had better see the class-teacher occasionally to discuss and ensure the progress of their children.
  • Parents desirous of seeing their child's teacher may visit to the school on the Second Saturday of every month between 12 noon and 3 pm.
  • Only the parents or the guardians whose photos have already been submitted to the Hostel office can see their children/wards.
  • A boarder is permitted to go home only four times a year: i Summer Break ii Diwali Break iii Winter Break iv Session Break in March.
  • In case of a boarder's being seriously ill, his/her parents/guardians are informed by telephone or Telegram at their expense. All the charges for getting a child hospitalized will be realized from the parents concerned.
  • No direct communication on telephone with the boarder is permissible. Only the message is conveyed.
  • If a boarder leaves the hostel without prior notice or remains absent continuously for more than a month, he/she will automatically forfeit the right to take his/her belongings back.
  • Parents should bring the booklet "Guidelines for Parents" while visiting their child.

Hostel Security

Rishikul takes utmost care of its students and staff by installing CCTV Cameras at every nook and corner for a 24 hour surveillance of the whole campus. Our ever alert security guards, fire fighting system and a 24 hour power backup system ensure a hassle free and safe living in the hostel.

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